Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Single Speed Hacker

After the experience of my last post, riding Sarah's Trek with a moving centre of gravity.  I decided I needed to get myself a 'normal' bike for running around with the family and the like.  So with a budget in mind of about £50 off I went to eBay.

This was the first purchase, a rather 'handsome' no suspension Halfords special circa 2007.

It was described as a good runner.  In reality the drive train was shot, the brakes were no where near the wheels and it had not been cleaned ever!

On the plus side the wheels and tyres are okay and the frame is true and has no dings or dents.  Also the aluminium headset, stem and bar are quite cool in a retro kind of way.  So I made the decision to try and trow together a single speeder that would give me a no fuss cool little cheap as chips run around.

So this week has seen it stripped of all its components and the frame degreased, cleaned up with a stiff brush and wire wool.  All that remains now is for me to talk the father in law in to respraying it for me.  More progress to follow as the build progresses:

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